Cricket-Tee-Stas: Horn Ok Tees

sachin t shirtsFashionistas argue ad nauseum about ‘trends’, ‘in’, ‘out’, ‘flavour of the season’, etc. If you happen to live on the adjoining planet where the brand of your shoes doesn’t affect your life in the minutest, then your discomfort must be appalling. Fashion weeks seem to run through the year nowadays, so it sure is a bit difficult not to get sucked into all the incredibly serious talk about fabrics and colours and cuts and silhouettes and cellulite.

But before fashion became an ego maniacal industry with malnourished mascots, it was a word that meant something personal. And comfortable. For matters of convenience, and general indifference to the rest, let’s revisit that definition.

On a hot summer day, and indeed they have become a regular weather feature, just the sight of a light cotton tee-shirt is respite. White cotton tees and plain blue jeans are possibly the most under-rated and under-represented fashion statements. The ensemble looks and feels super Cool Tees, and needs no advertisements. If fashion ever wants to go back to casual, it should come embrace the cotton Tee-shirt.

Whatever the essence of their make, and whether they are round-necked or collared or V-necked, tees can be perennial fashion accessories. They are canvasses waiting for one to imprint one’s creativity on them. And the mightiest pat on their back is that in spite of decades of existence, they have never gone out of popular favouritism and closets. How many labels can claim that feat?

In an age when everyone is falling over each other to outdo brand madness, tee-shirts may look too simple to be able to survive. But thank the cotton gods, they have survived well! Even the most photographed Hollywood ‘star’ dresses down in a tee combo when he/she has had enough of the fame monster. They may unleash pyrotechnics and visual bamboozlement on stage more often, but even the most vapid musician will admit he wants to strip n relax in a tee when off-stage.

Tee-shirts define true fashion because they are casual, are accesible, are open to a gazillion variations and add-ons, go well with pants/skirts/shorts/kilts/lungis/towels/bikini bottoms, and they are not snobbish about any of it. Wonder when tees will have their own ramp show. High time!

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